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GPT Annual Telemedicine Conference Highlights

THA Group’s President and CEO, Ellen Bolch, and consulting Medical Director, Dr. Max Stachura, were presenters at this year’s Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth Annual Telemedicine Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Savannah.

  • RightHealth display table
  • RightHealth's proprietary patient stratification tool utilizes predictive analytics, which allows for early detection of chronic disease exacerbation and ultimate reduction of exacerbations over time.
  • THA Group President and CEO, Ellen Bolch, speaks about RightHealth's advanced telehomecare model for chronic condition management.
  • Telehealth ‪and bi-directional video monitoring technologies can improve care, reduce hospitalizations, and lower costs.
  • Voice and video technology as an alternative to in-person urgent care visits have positive affects on chronic disease care, home care, and hospice care.
  • THA Group consulting Medical Director, Dr. Max Stachura, speaks about the benefits of bi-directional video monitoring.